Entry #3


2013-06-20 04:35:09 by LordWozz

I have fans! 11 of you to be exact!

I'm about to get all touchy feely poop right now, but I appreciate your fan-ship. It's encouraging to have folks enjoy my stuff and give feedback. Especially random internet strangers.

It's one thing to have your mom put a drawing on the fridge, but to get close to 5 stars out of 2,922 views...well that's something new for me.

To those who hit that heart button, gave me some stars or left a comment: I salute you


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2013-06-20 05:11:10

I know exactly how you feel i jumped from 6 fans to 12 in one day i was seriously shocked at the sudden rise that i was consumed by happiness.

So heres to you getting 11 fans, Cheers!